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Integrate Journey with NotQuests by Alessio

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For each player, JourneyNotQuests automatically adds their quests to the Journey GUI and /journeyto command.

JourneyNotQuests additionally updates NotQuests' command and configuration scheme so you may enable Journey for any objective on any quest straight from within NotQuests. By enabling Journey on an objective, any player who starts that objective will automatically be navigated to their next objective, as long as there is a location set for that objective and a path could be calculated.

To enable Journey on an objective from in-game:

/qadmin edit <quest> objectives edit <objective_id> useJourney [true|false]

If neither true nor false is specified, true is assumed.

Alternatively, in your quest file, you may add the field useJourney: true underneath the objective for which you would like to enable Journey.

You may alter the behavior of the search and navigation using extra config parameters, as seen below.

displayName: A Deadly Virus
description: ...
objectiveType: BreakBlocks
showLocation: true
==: org.bukkit.Location
world: world
x: 40.0
y: 66.0
z: -138.0
pitch: 0.0
yaw: 0.0

## Journey Settings ##
useJourney: true

## Optional Additional Journey Settings ##
journeyFlags: # Section to alter Journey search and navigation behavior
fly: false # Does not consider flight in search
timeout: 10 # Seconds to wait before failing search
navigation: # Section to alter navigation once search completes
navigator_type: trail # Use the "Trail" navigator (default)
options: # Section to specify navigation options to the chosen navigator
completion-message: <blue>Thank goodness you made it! <red>Stop the Virus!

Make sure you set a location for the objective. Otherwise, Journey will not know where to send the player. You can always turn on debug mode to see when Journey is calculating paths.