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Integrate Journey with Citizens by fullwall

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There is no setup required for JourneyCitizens beyond optionally setting special permission configurations.


JourneyCitizens provides two main services:

  1. Provides an "NPC Navigator" (id npc) that navigates players along paths using an NPC
  2. Provides a scope for accessing NPCs around the server

NPC Navigator

Players and users of the API may use a brand new Navigator with id npc. Rather than the default particle trail appearing, an NPC spawns and guides the player to the destination. The behavior of the Navigator may be altered with the following Navigator Options:

  • entity_type: the NPC's entity type, e.g. fox
  • name: the NPC's display name


Navigate to home by following a default NPC guide:

/jt home -navigator npc

Navigate to home by following a sheep called Marvin:

/jt home -navigator npc {entity_type:sheep,name:Marvin}

Navigate to home by following a sheep with a more complicated name (since there is a space in the name, you must put quotes around the entire argument):

/jt home -navigator npc {"name:Sheep Guide"}

NPC Scope

A Scope with id npc is introduced. Players may now navigate to NPCs around the world. Either use the GUI or type the NPC id directly in command:

/jt npc:0



Use the npc scope, i.e. navigating to an NPC using the GUI or /jt npc:...


Use the npc navigator, i.e. /jt home -navigator npc