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Journey API

Journey has a shared "core" java API library a separate java API component for each platform that Journey runs on.

To use the Journey API, you must download the dependency using your project's build tool: Maven or Gradle. The platform-specific libraries have a few helpful tools, but you may not need them because most of the API resides the shared library.

Declaring Dependencies

Maven Central

repositories {

dependencies {
implementation 'net.whimxiqal.journey:core-api:<version>[-SNAPSHOT]'
implementation 'net.whimxiqal.journey:<platform_id>-api:<version>[-SNAPSHOT]'

To use snapshots, you must add the snapshot repository:

Sonatype Nexus (Snapshots)

repositories {
maven {
name = 'sonatype-snapshots'
url = ''

The platforms and their identifiers are below:

Bukkit (Paper/Purpur)bukkit

Kyori Adventure

Journey uses the Kyori Aventure library. You should not need to add it manually as a dependency.